One of the main reasons behind the resistance of adopting a smartwatch can probably be attributed to battery. After all a regular watch doesn’t require daily or weekly charging, plus there’s also no worries about your watch dying on you mid-day and leaving you with a gadget that can’t even tell the time.

Now if a smartwatch is of interest to you but you’d rather not deal with battery anxiety, then Matrix’s latest smartwatch could be a device worth checking out. Matrix’s selling point are its watches that don’t run on batteries. The company has released two models so far that run using thermocoupling, but the latest model in its lineup will rely on solar power instead.

The solar cells will be housed underneath the display of the smartwatch which unless you stay in your room the entire day, should be sufficient at drawing enough energy from the sun to keep the device powered. The smartwatch itself is pretty standard in terms of features, such as heart rate monitoring, GPS, and there will even be a full-colored display.

The Matrix PowerWatch 2 has been launched on Indiegogo where if you don’t mind pledging your support, you’ll be able to get your hands on one for $200 versus $499 which is how much the company plans to sell it for.

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