As much as Microsoft would love for everyone to buy into their Windows ecosystem where they use Windows-based computers, tablets, and smartphones, the reality is that we use devices from a variety of ecosystems. Microsoft seems to understand this as their strategy these days regarding mobile seems to be about embracing the competition and developing for them.


In fact an upcoming app that iPad users can look forward to is a remote desktop app. This was shown off by Scott Manchester who is the group manager for Microsoft’s remote desktop service. The video shows off what appears to be an app that iPad users can use to remotely control their Windows desktop as long as they have an internet connection.

Much like any other remote desktop app, this version will let users interact with their PC remotely using the touchscreen. However in the video, Manchester can be seen using a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, suggesting that external accessories can also be supported (although for now Manchester notes that only the Swiftpoint mouse is supported).

This looks like an incredibly useful feature and from what we can tell, there doesn’t seem to be much lag when connecting to a Windows computer. We’re not sure if this will be fast enough where you can actually turn your iPad into a Windows tablet/laptop hybrid, but so far it looks rather promising.

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