#CES2019 – Moen’s smart shower system has been evolving over the years since it was first introduced. Back in 2018 the company announced plans to upgrade its system to support Siri and Alexa, and now it looks like for 2019 at CES, the company has announced that the shower system will now support Google Assistant as well.

This means that the shower system will now play nicely with more digital assistants, and with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant being more or less the main three, it means that there should be something for everyone. Alexa’s integration with the smart shower system has also been given an upgrade.

Previously Alexa’s skill for it was a third-party skill, but it has since been upgraded to an official Alexa skill. What does this mean for Alexa users? In the past Alexa worked by you asking Alexa to tell Moen to turn on the shower, but with Moen now having an official Alexa skill, you can ask Alexa direct.

Moen’s Alexa skill is now live and it is expected that support for Siri and Google Assistant should arrive later in the year. Moen’s smart shower system is already available for purchase but it does not come cheap with a starting price of $1,160.

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