#CES2019 – Withings is known for their health-related products, whether it be a watch that can track your fitness, a weighing scale that can analyze your body composition, or a sleep tracker. Now if you’re someone who needs to or wants to keep track of their body’s vitals from the comfort of their own home, then you might be interested to learn that the company has announced the BPM Core.

The BPM Core seems to build off the Withings BPM which measures your blood pressure. However with the BPM Core, Withings has expanded on its functionality where not only can it record your blood pressure, but it is also capable of taking an electrocardiogram, and also listen to your heart beat via a digital stethoscope.

With companies such as Apple building ECG readers into their wearables, we suppose it was only a matter of time before we started seeing similar integration in other products as well. In fact the Apple Watch Series 4’s ECG feature might have saved its first life shortly after the feature went live. Granted it probably might not be the most accurate compared to visiting a doctor and using more complex equipment, but the fact that you can now take these measurements from home can go a long way in making sure that people can keep track of their health in an easier fashion.

The Withings BPM Core is expected to launch in Q2 2019 where it is priced at $249.95. The company notes that this is considered to be a medical-grade device and is currently under review by the FDA and CE for clearance.

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