When Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 4, one of the key features of the device was its built-in ECG feature, which in a recent report might have already saved its first life. However a doctor in Orange County is now warning that the readings from the ECG might not be as accurate as you might think.

According to a Dr. Brian Kolski, he claims to have been woken up in the middle of the night by a patient who panicked after seeing his ECG readings on his Apple Watch. According to Kolski, “He texted me the strip and it was completely normal. This was a healthy 45-year-old man who was playing around on his watch and went into a major panic.”

Kolski claims that Apple should have released the feature in a more “responsible manner” by telling people how to use it and how to interpret the readings. An Apple spokesperson claims that they do provide guidance on how to use it via its website, but Kolski argues that very few users will actually bother reading up on it. He also says that he has since received more than 20 panic messages from his patients since the feature’s release.

That being said, Kolski does not deny that there are benefits to wearable tech, but warns that they should not be used for a definitive medical diagnosis. “You shouldn’t think something is wrong with you if your Apple Watch says that you are in atrial fibrillation. And on the other hand, you should not take a normal result from the watch as a way of clearing yourself.”

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