When it comes to the Apple Watch, Apple has partnered up with a couple of companies to create special editions of the wearable. For those who might be more into fitness and sports, there is the Nike edition, and for those who might be a bit more fashion conscious, there is the Apple Watch Hermès edition.


For those who own the Apple Watch Series 4 Hermès edition, a report from French publication WatchGeneration.fr (via 9to5Mac) has revealed that come watchOS 5.2, it seems that users can look forward to exclusive watch faces designed specifically for the watch. These watch faces include Cherry/Sakura and Bleu, and they are dynamic in the sense that they can adapt to where the hour and minute hands are positioned.

We’re not sure if it’s worth purchasing these watches just for the watch faces (they are pretty expensive), but it is good news for those who already own it and want to feel a little special for the price that they paid. We suppose it is possible that you could try to make a look similar to it if you truly want to.

That being said, while the watch faces are pretty elegant, they are also a bit simple where they are only capable of showing a single complication. This means that if you want your watch to show you more details like your heart rate, activity rings, and more, then these watch faces won’t cut it.

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