When it comes to mapping apps that can help you find your way around a new city, there are plenty of apps out there to choose from, such as Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and so on. However sometimes there are some buildings that are so vast and foreign that you can get lost in them, which is where indoor mapping plays a big role.

Apps such as Apple Maps already offers indoor mapping for some places, and the good news is that it appears that the company’s indoor mapping features are being expanded upon. In a report from MacRumors, it seems that Apple has updated Apple Maps where they have added a bunch of indoor maps for malls and airports across the US and also Australia.

Of course not every mall or airport will be mapped out, but the number of such locations is increasing which is good news for users. Unfortunately it will probably be a while before the rest of the world will be able to truly reap the benefits of indoor mapping, so we probably shouldn’t hold our breath just yet.

In addition to indoor mapping, the update to Apple Maps also adds transit directions. Note that these changes are made server-side which means that no user action is required. If you are visiting a particular location with indoor mapping and transmit directions available, then it should just show up.

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