Twitter users have long campaigned for an editing feature, but Twitter has also long resisted the idea claiming that this would ruin the real-time natural of Twitter’s tweets. However in recent times, the company has begun to soften on their stance regarding editing tweets, and more recently Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey shared an idea of how editing a tweet might work.

Speaking on an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, Dorsey suggested that editing a tweet could be done between 5 to 30 seconds after a tweet had been posted. This would help preserve the real-time nature of tweets, according to the CEO. He also suggested that the duration of an edit could also be dynamic depending on the context, but how Twitter will determine this is unclear.

Dorsey also stated that the company is looking into a feature that would allow users to see an original tweet, meaning that once a tweet has been edited, users will have the ability to look at the original tweet before the edit. This would prevent trolls and abusers from editing their tweets and claiming innocence.

There is no word on if and when Twitter’s editing feature will be rolled out. The company has been more receptive to the idea in recent times, but has stopped short of actually confirming that they are working on the feature.

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