Project Stream is a cloud-based game streaming service that Google is working on. The service would allow players to stream top titles without requiring any powerful consoles or gaming rigs. The company hasn’t launched it as a full-fledged service as yet but if it does, it may offer a dedicated game controller for it as well.

A patent application filed by the company has surfaced which details an internet-connected game controller which won’t be linked to one host device, like the DualShock 4 is linked to the PlayStation 4, for example. This means that users will be able to play with this controller regardless of the platform as long as they’re streaming games through Google’s streaming service.

The controller may have the capability to receive notifications for chat, play invitations, and other content. It could also launch the relevant game streaming app on any compatible device so if your TV is in use, you could use the controller to join a multiplayer party on a tablet with just the press of a button.

Google filed for this patent back in 2014 so it goes without saying that the image you see in the patent may not be what the final product ends up looking like, if Google does decide to make one. There’s no guarantee of patented designs ever seeing the light of day. It can’t be said for sure if that will be the case for this controller until Google decides to publically launch the Project Stream game streaming service.

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