Apple has confirmed that they will be hosting an event on the 25th of March where the company is largely expected to unveil the new video streaming service. The service is expected to play home to Apple’s own original content, as well as act as a hub where users can subscribe to other streaming services as well.

However if there is one service that will not be part of Apple’s streaming bundle, it will be Netflix. This is according to a report in which Netflix CEO Reed Hastings confirmed that Netflix will not be part of Apple’s upgraded TV appl. It’s not surprising that they would go about it that way, especially since being part of Apple’s streaming bundle means that Netflix would most likely have to give a cut to the company for subscriptions.

Hastings had also previously stated that they would much prefer being able to control its own content through its own app. In a tweet by Peter Kafka, he shared a quote from Hastings as saying, “Apple’s a great company. We want to have people watch our shows on our services.” So far according to the rumors, Apple’s upcoming service is expected to cost $15 a month.

This is more expensive than regular streaming services, but if the rumors are true about it possibly including music, news, and magazines, it could be worth it.

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