We know that many were bummed when Google announced that they would be shutting Inbox down. It was an excellent product that helped make emails a lot more organized and tidy, and so to this date, we still have no idea why the company shut it down. If you’re not a fan of Gmail’s interface, we have some good news for you.


Google isn’t bringing Inbox back, but former Gmail lead designer and co-founder of Inbox Michael Leggett has launched a Chrome extension dubbed Simplify that will help tidy up your Gmail interface. So why should you download Simplify? As its name implies, the extension will make your Gmail interface a lot more simple.

It moves all the sidebar icons to a drop-down and pull-up menu, thus keeping the interface clutter-free. It also shifts the search function to a less obvious area, and also does away with color-coded labels, and as a nod to Inbox, the compose mail button has been shifted to the bottom right corner of the screen instead of at the top left.

According to Leggett, he held off on launching the extension because he was hoping that Google had gotten the hint and would be revamping Gmail’s interface for their 15th anniversary, but that did not happen and as such, he released his extension to the public. The extension is free to use and if you’d like to check it out, head on over to the Chrome Web Store for the download.

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