According to recent reports, it suggested that Apple might be running into some issues in sourcing 5G modems for its iPhones. The company had been previously rumored to launch its 5G iPhone in 2020, but recent reports claim that it might launch in 2021 instead. However, it seems that Apple might have a helping hand in the form of Huawei.

In a report from Engadget, they have from a source that Huawei is open to the idea of selling its 5G chipsets. The company has been making its own chipsets for years now, although for the most part it has been limited to its own handsets, but now it seems that Huawei is open to selling it to Apple.

It is interesting because it seems that Apple is the only company that Huawei is interested in selling their 5G tech to. We’re not sure why they are only targeting Apple, but it is possible that it is because of Apple’s spat with Qualcomm (who supplies 5G tech to the majority of Android handset makers), and also their alleged loss in confidence in Intel who was supposed to be developing a 5G modem for the iPhone (and who could still potentially make the 2020 deadline).

There is no guarantee that this will go through because while Huawei is seemingly open to the idea, there is no word on what Apple’s stance is and whether or not they might be interested in sourcing components from Huawei.

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