Recently, the US government seems to be cracking down on Chinese companies who are involved in the communications infrastructure in the US and also their allies. Huawei is one of the more recent casualties where due to the US government’s blacklisting, Google, Intel, and Qualcomm have since suspended their business dealings with them.


However, it seems that other Chinese companies need to start getting themselves ready because the US government has turned their eye towards drone makers. In a report from CNN, the Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning that claims that Chinese-made drones could be sending flight information back to their manufacturers in China, who might then share it with others, like the Chinese government.

According to the DHS’ warning, “Those concerns apply with equal force to certain Chinese-made (unmanned aircraft systems)-connected devices capable of collecting and transferring potentially revealing data about their operations and the individuals and entities operating them, as China imposes unusually stringent obligations on its citizens to support national intelligence activities.”

This is actually not the first time that DHS has warned about Chinese-made drones. Back in 2017, the DHS warned against using DJI’s drones. However, with the blacklisting we’re seeing applied to Huawei, we have to wonder if this could escalate from a warning to something more actionable.

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