If there is an area of health that we know Apple is interested in, it would be diabetes and glucose monitoring. This is because at the moment, measuring glucose levels involves drawing a bit of blood, which some might find uncomfortable doing. This is why we have heard rumors that Apple could be developing a non-invasive way of measuring glucose levels through products like the Apple Watch.

While it might be a while before we see the tech surface, in the meantime, it seems that Apple is exploring alternative options and have started to sell diabetes monitoring devices through its Apple Stores. For those who have need for such devices, it seems that at select Apple Stores, customers will be able to find gadgets like One Drop, a blood glucose monitor.

One of the reasons why Apple is selling the device is also because it offers integration with the iPhone and Apple Watch. The device will need to draw blood, but the company behind One Drop is hoping that its aesthetically pleasing design will make using the device more appealing. The readings from the device can also be synched with Apple’s Health app which can be found on the iPhone, allowing users to keep a digital record of all their readings which they can then use to show to their doctors.

The One Drop kit is priced at $69.95 and will come with a year of free coaching from a certified diabetes educator. There will also be a separate subscription service offered in which users will receive testing strips which are necessary to use the device.

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