Ubisoft wants a piece of the game subscription action as well and the publisher has now announced its very own service at E3 2019. UPlay Plus is a game subscription service for PC gamers which will provide subscribers with access to more than 100 titles published by Ubisoft. The service isn’t all that dissimilar to EA’s Origin Access or Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for PC.


Ubisoft has confirmed that UPlay Plus is going to be launched on September 3rd and that it’s going to cost $14.99 per month. It’s a bit more expensive than its competitors as Origin Access only costs $4.99 per month while the Xbox Game Pass costs $9.99 on both console and PC.

Ubisoft does say that subscribers get access to all downloadable content and expansions for the games in the library which offers an additional incentive for people to consider paying $15 per month for this service.

There’s also another differentiating factor for this service. UPlay Plus is also going to be available for Stadia, Google’s cloud-based game streaming service. Ubisoft has teamed up with Google for this and will offer the service on Stadia at some point next year. Google’s Stadia chief Phil Harrison had already confirmed that the company’s game streaming service would allow publishers to sell their own subscription plans.

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