One of the features of YouTube Music is its Offline Mixtape. This is a playlist that consists of 100 songs that are based on your listening history, which is basically YouTube’s way of recommending you songs that it thinks you like, and it also makes them available for listening offline for those times you don’t have an internet connection.

YouTube has since expanded on the feature with an update that they are calling “smart downloads”. This will replace the offline mixtape toggle in the YouTube Music app and will also increase the number of offline downloads from 100 songs to 500 songs. Note that this does not replace the offline mixtape feature, but rather it replaces the toggle.

Offline mixtape will still be very much there and will continue to be made up of the first 100 songs in your smart downloads. This new feature simply increases the number of automatic downloads so that you have a wider selection of songs to choose from in case you want to throw together different playlists or switch things up a bit.

Users can choose to control the smart download feature where they can set a limit for how many songs are downloaded through the feature. It should also be noted that this feature only works at night and when your phone is connected to WiFi, meaning that it won’t drain your mobile data during the day.

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