TikTok, for those unfamiliar, is a popular music app in which users can record themselves lip-syncing and dancing to popular tunes. However, it seems that in addition to being able to provide users with countless hours of fun, it seems that it can also be used to locate missing spouses, which is what one woman from India did.

Back in 2016, a man by the name of Suresh suddenly decided to walk away from his family and never returned home. His family searched for him with no luck and even filed a police report, but was ultimately declared as being “lost”. That was until the relative of the man’s wife saw a TikTok video which featured a man that look remarkably like Suresh.

The wife was then shown the video and recognized him on the spot, and with the help of police and also the transgender association (the video showed Suresh in a video with a trans woman in which he was reportedly in a relationship with), they tracked him down to the city of Hosur in Tamil Nadu.

After tracking him down, they found out that Suresh had abandoned his family due to him feeling that certain problems at home were unsolvable, but with counselling provided by the police, Suresh has since agreed to go back home to his wife and kids.

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