We get the idea behind using mines during times of war. They can be hidden which means that they can be used to protect an area. The explosions also can act as an alarm of sorts, notifying soldiers than an enemy is close by. However, once the war is over, what happens to these mines?


The problem is, nothing. They are usually left there which in turn creates problems for people who are repopulating an area after war, where innocent civilians might accidentally step on them. However, the process of clearing mines is dangerous and slow, but a company by the name of 4M Analytics believes it can improve on that process using AI.

How this works is that it uses machine learning where based on old and new data sets gathered through remote sensing, the system will be able to precisely identify mines in an area. During the two-year testing period in which it focused on Israeli minefield, they found that about 80% of each field has been cleared of mines.

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post, 4M Analytics chief product officer Raz Ezra said, “Our technology has been validated on three different projects here in Israel, where we found 100% correlation between the hazardous areas that we identified and what we ultimately found.” The company is currently looking to secure business-to-government deals where they are hoping to start work in regions such as Ukraine, Turkey, Nigeria and Cyprus.

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