The concept of vaping and e-cigarettes are designed to help people ease of regular cigarettes. However, given that they’re still considered to be relatively new, not much is known about the chemicals used in vape juices and what kind of health complications they might cause in the long-term.

Some studies suggest they’re safe, some studies say otherwise. However, over in the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently identified and flagged a death that could have been the result of vaping, or at least have some kind of ties to it. The CDC had been investigating a series of lung illnesses that have been happening in recent times, where there have been about 193 cases reported.

One of those cases has resulted in the death following hospitalization, which could have been caused by vaping. However, we should point out that the CDC has yet to confirm if that is the case, and investigators who are looking into the case have yet to identify a common link. Brian King, deputy director of research translation at the CDC’s smoking and health division, acknowledges that much where he notes that none of the compounds found in vape juices have been directly linked to the recent hospitalizations.

However, King does warn that there could be implications for lung health. “The bottom line is that there’s a variety of things in e-cigarette aerosols that could have implications for lung health.” In the meantime, the only death that we know is directly related to vaping comes in the form of a case back in 2018 where an e-cigarette exploded in a man’s face, resulting in his death.

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