The problem with putting ourselves on social media and having a public profile is that you sometimes get subject to harassment from random strangers online. This kind of harassment can come in many forms, such as comments on your posts or messages sent directly and privately to you.

Now, some social media platforms already come with tools and features to block abusive comments on posts, but what about direct messages? If you’re a Twitter user who’d like their inbox to be clear of any nasty and abusive messages, you’re in luck because Twitter has announced that they will be testing out a filter in which it will help keep DM requests hidden from you.

These filters will look for certain words that might be deemed offensive, so while it won’t protect you completely from harassment, it should at the very least filter them out. However, it should be noted that these messages won’t be hidden completely. Users who wish to see them can find them in a folder called “additional messages” where they can then review the messages and respond to them if they wish.

The feature is still in testing so the final version could be slightly different from the current iteration, so that’s something to keep in mind as well.

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