Earlier this year, Apple announced that they would be launching a new Mac Pro computer. The new Mac Pro, unlike the “trash can” design, was created to allow for greater flexibility when it came to upgrading components, but it also featured a somewhat controversial “cheese grater” design, along with a heart-stopping price tag of $6,000 (assuming you don’t fully upgrade it).

If you like the Mac Pro’s design but hate the price (and macOS), then you might be interested to learn that PC case maker Dune has announced the launch of the Dune Pro. As you can see in the video above, this is almost an exact copy of the Mac Pro’s chassis design except that you can now fill it with whatever you want.

The main difference is that unlike the Mac Pro’s case, which features a handle that allows for quick access to the computer’s internals, the Dune Pro does not, but we imagine that most will be fine with that. We’re not sure how thrilled Apple is at the idea of someone else creating a case that looks like their Mac Pro, but if you’re interested in buying it, you can actually pre-order it on Kickstarter on the 21st of October (no word on pricing just yet).

In the meantime, you can actually check out the video above by PC World who managed to get their hands on the case early (skip to the 11 minute mark).

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