When it comes to game distribution platforms, Steam is more or less the default one. However, in recent years, we’ve started to see more companies launch their own platforms, like EA launching Origins and Epic launching the Epic Game Store. Typically in these cases, these companies tend to make their games exclusive to their own platforms.

It makes sense because why would they give a cut of their revenue to someone else when they can keep 100% of it, right? However, it seems that maybe diversifying might not be such a bad idea, and it looks like as far as EA is concerned, the company could be gearing up to bring its games back onto Steam.

This is based on a tweet by the company in which they show off a mug letting off steam. While the company has not said anything explicitly about returning to Steam, this is what many players are inferring. Also, another Twitter user by the name of @RobotBrush has found some evidence that corroborates the speculation.

There is no word on when this will be happening but it is good news for gamers who might have a bunch of credits in their Steam Wallet or who prefer using a single launcher instead of using multiple launchers to play different games. We’ll be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for official confirmation.

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