Apple only recently released the iOS 13.2 update, but it seems that the update is already causing some issues. According to several user reports, it seems that following the update, some HomePod users are finding that their devices have been bricked. Some users report a white spinning light where the speaker continuously reboots itself every few seconds, essentially rendering it unusable.


There is no word on how to fix the problem, but Apple has yet to officially acknowledge the issue. This means that if you have the HomePod, then maybe you should hold off on updating to iOS 13.2 for now. This is rather disappointing, especially when you consider the fact that Apple has not had very good releases so far.

With iOS 11, Apple came under fire for focusing on new features and ignoring the quality of the update. The company promised this would change and it did with iOS 12, and many expected that this trend would continue. Unfortunately, iOS 13 seems to be a particularly buggy release which has seen Apple release several patches in a relatively short time.

There is no word on when a fix for the bricked HomePods will be released, but we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information.

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