When we think of printers, chances are you might be thinking of those big and bulky gadgets sitting in offices and in the corners of our homes. While they might be perfect for where they are, it also means that printing on the go is essentially out of the question, or is it? That’s the problem that the PrinCube is trying to solve.

Launched on Indiegogo, the PrinCube is claiming to be the world’s smallest mobile color printer. As you can see, this is a printer that fits right in the palm of your hand, which also means that you should have no issues bringing it with you on the go. It connects to your smartphone over WiFi which means that you can wirelessly send information to it and it will print.

The best part is that unlike regular printers, the PrinCube’s claim to fame is that it will work on any surface. This means that if you want to print on regular pieces of paper that’s fine, but you also have the option of printing on envelopes, cardboard boxes, leather, wood, and even metal. We haven’t tested it out for ourselves so we’re not sure how effective it will be on non-paper materials, but if it works as advertised, this would be immensely useful.

According to its creators, it will be capable of printing up to 415 pages and will have a 6 hour battery life and 1 year of standby time. If you’re interested, head on over to its Indiegogo page for the details.

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