IKEA has been on a roll in recent years, where they are starting to expand on their lineup of smart home products. The company started out with some basic smart bulbs, and if you’re looking to furnish your home with more IKEA offerings, you might be in luck as the company has since announced their latest smart bulb, a decorative Edison-style bulb that is part of the company’s Tradfri lineup.

What makes this particular bulb so appealing is its price. IKEA has always been known for its affordable home furnishings, so it’s no surprise that its new smart bulb is priced along those lines as well, and at $10, it will certainly make it a very appealing purchase for customers who want to get started in creating a smart home.

We should point out that IKEA is not the first company to create an Edison-style bulb. Philips also has a similar design, but the Philips Hue bulb will cost $25 per bulb, so at $10, it’s not hard to see the appeal that IKEA might have. Of course, there are probably differences but if you’re not too fussed about it, you can save yourself $15 in the process. These savings will only increase if you plan to buy multiple bulbs.

The new IKEA smart bulb will feature an E26-sized socket and will glow at 2,200 Kelvin. As we said, this is more of a decorative bulb due to its design, but you can check out IKEA’s other Tradfri offerings if you’re after something a bit more traditional.

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