One of the display technologies that Apple employs in its iPads and iPhones is TrueTone. For those who are unfamiliar, TrueTone basically detects the ambient light around you and based on that, it will adjust the device’s display so that it will always render the correct kind of color regardless of the environment it is in, or at least that’s in theory.

It is an interesting piece of technology and it seems that Apple is toying with the idea that someday, TrueTone, or some kind of variant of it, could eventually find its way into the interior of cars. What this means is that one day, our car’s could feature interior lighting that could also dynamically adjust to the environment around us.

Take for example if you’re driving down town and there are many buildings around you, which in turn casts a shade over your car. With TrueTone, it could then adjust the car’s interior lighting or maybe adjust the tint of your car’s windows to let in an optimal amount of light. This could also be applied on days that are cloudy, or when you’re driving through a tunnel.

For Apple to patent such an idea isn’t that much of a stretch of the imagination. This is because Apple has been rumored to be working on car-related technology. What exactly will result from this project is unclear, but we know that Apple definitely has an interest.

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