Shopping online these days is a pretty simple process, but if you’d like to be a little more hi-tech about it, you might be interested to learn that Walmart and Apple have entered into a new partnership where Walmart customers shopping through iOS devices will be able to place their orders using Siri.

This means that instead of browsing through the app, you can actually place orders using your voice, which makes it pretty convenient especially if you own the HomePod. According to Walmart, “Customers build out their basket by just saying ‘Add to Walmart’ and then naming the product they want to add to their cart. After that, customers can place their order and Walmart personal shoppers get to work gathering the items for the customer, who can pick the order up on the way home or have it delivered right to their door.”

Walmart also points out that with this new feature, customers can build up their carts over the course of a few days. This means that instead of doing all your shopping at once, customers can slowly build up items in their cart over the week before checking out, so you can add as you go.

The company also claims that the more you use it, the smarter it will get where it will eventually learn the customer’s regular orders. So for example, if there is a particular brand of orange juice that you buy, you can just say “orange juice” instead of the whole brand and it will know what you’re talking about.

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