Every year, companies try to reduce the bezels on their TVs as much as possible. There are still bezels, but they’ve become so thin that they’ve become almost imperceptible. However, come CES 2020, Samsung might be turning the industry on its head where the company is rumored to launch a zero bezel TV.

The report, from The Elec, claims that this is more than just a concept. Companies usually show off experimental and concept tech at CES, but if the report is to be believed, Samsung is apparently aiming for production of the TV to begin in February, meaning that this is more than just a concept and will be something that customers will be able to purchase.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping that this would come in a variety of ranges, it doesn’t seem to be that way. It seems that Samsung will only be making this tech available to their TVs sized 65-inches and above, so if you wanted a smaller TV, then you might be out of luck. The larger sizes also seem to suggest that it will not come cheap.

It will be very interesting to see what the display could look like, and while it’s currently only for TVs, we wouldn’t be surprised if that tech eventually trickled down to our smartphones as well. Smartphone companies have been trying to reduce the bezels as much as possible, but just like TVs, they still exist, albeit considerably smaller than what they used to be.

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