How do record labels know who will sell and become the next big hit? This is mostly due to A&R scouts who go out and look for up and coming musicians that they believe have what it takes to become the next biggest music artist. However, it seems that maybe the job of an A&R scout could be coming to an end.


A newly-created label called SNAFU Records has announced that they will be using AI to determine who will be the next big thing. The AI will be used to essentially scan platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and even TikTok to find unsigned tracks every week. It will also be able to determine if a musician might be considered “undervalued” within 2-9 days of them releasing a song, a process that would normally take record labels several weeks to accomplish.

Based on this, it will help them find artists that might have the potential to be a huge star, and with the relatively short turnaround time, it will let them sign these artists before the bigger labels do.

According to Ankit Desai, the founder and CEO of SNAFU Records, “We started SNAFU Records because we wanted to build a bridge for the thousands of artists out there whose music the world is dying to hear, but don’t get a chance. Since launch, we’ve already utilized our technology to identify, sign, and help artists from Arkansas to India, from Stockholm to Singapore, all while being based in Stockholm and Los Angeles.”

This is not the first time that AI is being used in the entertainment industry. Earlier this year, Warner Bros. announced that they too will be using AI to determine the best time to release a movie in cinemas.

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