With Disney now owning Fox, they have brought some of the Marvel movie rights back home. This leaves Sony as one of the few remaining companies to own the movie rights to some Marvel franchises, most notably characters from the Spider-Man universe.

Now we know that Sony and Disney will be teaming up for a third Spider-Man movie, and that there will also be a sequel to the Venom movie, and more recently it was confirmed that there would be a Mobius movie in the works. However, it seems that the company could have a new Marvel movies in the works.

This is according to a tweet by Exhibitor Relations Co. 2 and subsequently confirmed by IGN that there will indeed be a new Sony Marvel movie. This movie, according to the tweet, will be released on the 8th of October, 2021. What’s interesting about this is that it is unclear as to what this movie will be based on.

Like we said, Sony has already confirmed several movies that are related to the Marvel franchise, so it is unclear what this movie will be. However, there have been rumors suggesting that there could be a movie based on Silk, a character from the Spider-Man franchise, so perhaps this could be it. Another possibility is the sequel to 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Either way, we’ll have to wait probably a few months before we will have more details.

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