One of the ways factories have a negative impact on the environment is by producing excessive carbon dioxide. However, it seems that at least one company is taking advantage of that excessive emission and turning it into something good. Known as Air Co., the company is using captured CO2 emissions from nearby factories and using it to help make hand sanitizers.


For those who are unfamiliar, Air Co. is a relatively new company. They launched in New York back in 2019 where they made the headlines as being the first to produce carbon-negative vodka by using captured CO2 instead of yeast. It looks like the company is leveraging their experience now to make hand sanitizers, which they plan on donating to institutions that need it the most.

Given that hand sanitizers require alcohol in order to be effective, Air Co. definitely has some experience on that front. Air Co. will not be the first company to leverage their experience to start making new products that will help aid the current coronavirus outbreak crisis.

Other companies, such as Razer, have announced their plans to convert some of their manufacturing lines and start producing surgical masks, something that healthcare workers around the world are currently facing a shortage of.

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