Laptops powered by ARM-based processors aren’t new, but if you have been following the rumors, you might have heard that Apple could get in on the action by launching MacBooks powered by the company’s own ARM-based chipsets. Now according to a report from Bloomberg, they are reiterating those claims.

According to the report, Apple is set to launch such a laptop in 2021 where it will offer a 12-core ARM-based chipset built on the 5nm process. This chipset will consist of 8 high-performance cores combined with 4 “efficiency’ cores. To give you some context, Apple’s base MacBook comes with two cores, while higher-end models offer more cores depending on the configuration.

However, we should note that having more cores does not necessarily make a chipset better or more powerful as there are other things to consider. The report goes on to claim that Apple is trying to synchronize the architecture between their ARM chipsets and Intel chipsets, and are also working on ways to ensure that older apps built for Intel’s platform will continue to work on their ARM-based computers.

That being said, for those hoping for a high-end ARM MacBook in 2021, the report claims that Apple might only launch an entry-level device, and that ARM chipsets that can rival the higher-end Intel MacBook Pros and iMacs might not arrive until much later.

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