The Apple Watch at the moment has the ability to detect irregular heart rates and inform the wearer that they might need to see a doctor. However, it seems that in the future, the Apple Watch will not only be able to detect heart rates, but it might also have the ability to detect sharks while you’re in the water.


This is according to a recently-discovered patent where it seems that Apple is toying around with the idea of how the Apple Watch might come with sensors in the future that might be able to tell if sharks are nearby. This means that if you’re out surfing or swimming in the ocean, the Apple Watch might be able to alert you to a nearby shark so that you can quickly get out of the water.

According to the patent, this is achieved by using sensors that are able to detect what kind of environment that the wearer is in. For example, if it detects fresh water, then maybe worrying about sharks isn’t a big deal. However, if it detects that the device is submerged in salt water, like the ocean, then it might start looking out for signs or reports if sharks might be in the area.

It will also be able to warn users of events like rip tides or even dangerous chemicals or pathogens that might be present in said water. That being said, given that this is a patent, there’s no telling if Apple will make it a reality, but hey, shark detection is pretty cool and we wouldn’t mind seeing it in a future Apple Watch update.

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