Malaysia, like pretty much like the rest of the world, is currently encouraging its citizens to stay home. There is a movement control order in place where people are not allowed to leave their homes unless it is for essential activities, like buying groceries, going to see the doctor, and so on.


As such, cities in the country are pretty much clear, and the government is now looking to take that opportunity to sanitize it as much as they can. So much so that DBKL has announced that they will be testing out the feasibility of using drones to help with urban sanitization, where these drones could be used to sanitize high-rise buildings.

According to Federal Territories Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa, “Drones are one of the options to disinfect high-rise buildings but DBKL has to study their feasibility. Some places in the city are not suitable, especially if there are electric wires and lamp posts in the vicinity or if the weather is too windy. If it can reach the corridors of a high-rise building, it would save a lot of manpower. DBKL also needs to study if the disinfectant can reach the targeted areas.”

The drones that will be tested come from a company that typically uses them for agricultural spraying. The company notes that the nozzles can be modified for specific purposes, such for sanitization. The drones will also be capable of a 20-minute flight time and come with eight nozzles, meaning that it should be capable of covering a pretty wide surface area.

We’ve seen how drones have come in handy for all kinds of usage that would have otherwise required humans to put themselves in precarious positions. Drones are also more efficient and potentially cheaper.

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