In order to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, health officials are actively encouraging social distancing. This means that people should not gather in large crowds, and if you are in a public area, you should stand a certain number of feet away from another person. While social distancing won’t cure the coronavirus, it will at the very least slow down its spread.

To help encourage users to practice social distancing, Snapchat has recently added a couple of new lenses that were created in collaboration with the WHO. This uses augmented reality where when you point your camera, it will show you a circle on the ground that helps users visualize how much space they should be standing away from other people.

This circle will also change color as you move closer to people, warning you that you should maintain a good distance. The second lens offered by Snapchat and the WHO will provide users with a reminder about washing your hands, staying home, and also the importance of not touching your face, which is one of the ways the virus could spread and enter into your system.

These lenses will come in handy and if you’re not a Snapchat user, the social distancing AR feature alone could be worth downloading the app and giving it a try.

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