If the rumors are true, Apple could be working on a new accessory called the AirTags which would be the company’s answer to Tile’s Bluetooth trackers. Now according to a tweet by Josh Constine, a former editor at TechCrunch, he has revealed some features hidden in Apple’s “Find My” app that could clue us in as to how the AirTags might work.

Assuming the rumors of the AirTags are true, it makes sense that using them would be part of a feature in the “Find My” app, as we have seen in the past. According to Costine, it seems that there are sound files in the app that are labeled in a way that suggests that depending on how close you are to the device you’re tracking, or how far away you are, it will play different sounds.

This will let users know if they’re “hotter” or “colder” when trying to locate their device that the AirTags are attached to. Of course, it is possible that this might not even be related to the AirTags, and that it might be for the iPhone/iPad or AirPods, which also has a “Find My” feature, but it makes sense that it could potentially be applied to the AirTags as well.

One of the ways the AirTags could stand out from the competition is the use of ultra wideband Bluetooth technology. This allows for more precise or accurate tracking compared to just regular Bluetooth. The tech has been built into the iPhones already, which some have speculated was Apple’s way of laying the foundation for the launch of the accessory.

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