There are various ways gamers can improve themselves in the games they play. It could be hardware where having a more responsive keyboard or mouse can help, better audio, a faster computer, and so on. Frame rates have also been found to help improve your gaming experience, and soon OnePlus 8 owners might have an advantage.

If you own the OnePlus 8 handset, you might be interested to learn that in a deal struck with Epic Games, OnePlus 8 phones will be able to run Fortnite at a buttery smooth 90 FPS. This will essentially make the OnePlus 8 the only handset to be able to run the game at those frame rates, although you might want to take note of this.

This is because in order to achieve higher frame rates, you would need more powerful hardware. Since the phone has already been released, it’s not like OnePlus can magically upgrade the hardware of its handset, so instead, the game will need to run at lower settings in order to hit that 90 FPS mark.

However, if higher frame rates is more important to you than graphics quality, then this could be something to look forward to. According to Tim Sweeney , founder and CEO of Epic Games, “This is a big step forward, and alongside the performance improvements the teams have made regarding FPS, Fortnite on a OnePlus device is going to be an awesome experience.”

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