Two-factor authentication is something that many companies recommend its users to use, but it is not always mandatory. However, if you’re a Nest user, it looks like the feature will soon become a requirement and Google has recently announced that they will be slowly implementing the feature.

Google had announced earlier this year that starting this Spring, 2FA will be required for all Nest accounts, and that users will need to enable the feature or migrate their accounts to a Google account. However, we imagine that there are probably some users who did not know about it or did not get around to it, but it looks like that decision has since been made for you.

According to Google, those who haven’t enabled the feature or migrated their accounts will receive an email from Nest whenever they try to sign into their accounts. This can be troublesome if you’d rather not have to constantly check your emails, and also if you don’t want your inbox to start building up with these 2FA codes.

However, the upside is that at the very least, it will still continue to protect users who might not have chosen to enable the feature. If you don’t want to be spammed with these emails, then you will need to turn on the feature by linking your phone number to the app, or migrate to a Google account if you prefer consolidating your online accounts.

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