Apple’s iMacs have kept to the same design for many years, but according to the rumors, the computer is set for a “substantial refresh” later this year. We’re not sure what exactly that means, and whether or not a redesign could be in the works, but a concept video by YouTuber “the Hacker 34” shows us what we may or may not be able to expect.

Note that this is purely a concept, not a leak, so whether or not the actual iMac refresh will look like this is anyone’s guess. Taking inspiration from Apple’s Pro Display XDR monitors, this concept basically reimagines the iMac as sporting a similar design, so as to better align with the design of the Pro Display XDR for those looking for a multiple display setup.

In the past, the iMac and the Thunderbolt Display shared a similar design, so we don’t see this as being entirely out of the question. The bezels in this concept are pretty thin compared to current iMac, which given Apple’s recent products, doesn’t seem like much of a stretch of the imagination either.

The concept also tosses in a Magic Trackpad that has wireless charging capabilities built into it, which is actually based off a patent that was discovered earlier this month that has the ability to wirelessly charge devices like the iPhone and even the Apple Pencil. This is a rather fun-looking concept but like we said, it’s anyone’s guess as to how Apple will approach the iMac’s redesign.

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