One of the upsides to public social media platforms like Twitter is that you can engage pretty much anyone around the world, and create discussions with strangers on the internet. This is obviously a good thing, but it is a double edged sword because it also means that it leaves posts open to trolls and harassment.

However, the good news is that if you use Twitter and would rather limit who can reply to your posts without actually making your account private, you’ll be pleased to learn that Twitter is now testing out a new tool in which users can choose who they will allow to reply to their tweets and posts.

In this test, users are given options like “Everyone”, which is the default, along with “People you follow” and also “Only people you mention”. So if you are tweeting at someone want only want to see their reply, then the latter option will help make it easier to cut through the noise of other people chiming in, especially if you’re tweeting at someone popular or if it is a controversial tweet.

However, as Twitter notes, this will still allow other people to view your tweets, retweet it, or retweet it with a comment, but otherwise, it does help to keep the replies clean. Twitter claims that for now only a limited group of people have been chosen to test out this new feature, but if successful, it should eventually find its way to more people in the future.

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