The rumors are claiming that Apple is expected to make the transition from Intel x86 processors to ARM-based ones, similar to the ones used on their iPhones and iPads. The move makes all kinds of sense given Apple’s penchant for preferring to use their own tech, plus there is also the added benefit of ARM.

However, the main problem we imagine that Apple will face would be to convince customers to adopt their ARM-based Mac computers. After all, Intel has more or less dominated the CPU market as far as computers are concerned, so to make the switch to ARM would pose all kinds of challenges, namely getting developers to make their apps compatible.

However, there is evidence to suggest that Apple might have a way around this. According to a report from Asahi, it seems that back in April earlier this year, Apple filed for a trademark for “Rosetta” which based on its description, is an emulation platform of sorts that could in theory allow apps developed for x86 processors to run on ARM ones.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Apple’s history, the name Rosetta isn’t actually a new one. When Apple made the transition from PowerPC processors to Intel ones way back in the day, they had an emulation software also called Rosetta that emulated PowerPC apps. This trademark filing seems like Apple could be planning something similar.

It is possible that Apple is simply trying to protect a trademark, but its timing does seem to be more than coincidental given the rumors.

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