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Safari In iOS 14 Could Come With Voice Search, Built-In Translation
Safari is the default browser bundled with iOS. While it works great and can sync across devices like the iPhone and iPad and Mac computers, it does not necessarily mean that it is good. In fact, there are several features from other browsers such as Chrome that we would love to see in Safari.

Apple’s Trademark Filing For ‘Rosetta’ Is More Evidence Of The Company’s Transition To ARM
The rumors are claiming that Apple is expected to make the transition from Intel x86 processors to ARM-based ones, similar to the ones used on their iPhones and iPads. The move makes all kinds of sense given Apple’s penchant for preferring to use their own tech, plus there is also the added benefit of ARM.

Apple’s ARM-Based Macs Could Be 50% Faster Than Intel Macs
At Apple’s upcoming WWDC 2020 event, the company could unveil their plans to eventually introduce ARM-based chipsets to their Mac computers. However, there is a legitimate concern as to how they might hold up against Intel’s processors which have been powering Mac computers for the past decade or so.

Apple Might Not Make Any Hardware Announcements At WWDC 2020
If the rumors are to be believed, Apple was supposed to announce a redesigned iMac at WWDC 2020. However, if you were hoping to see new hardware announced at Apple’s event, you might be disappointed because according to several prominent leaksters, that may not be happening.


Apple’s First ARM Macs Will Be The 13-inch MacBook Pro, Redesigned iMac
According to the rumors, Apple is looking to transition from using Intel’s x86 processors to ARM-based processors. This would no doubt be a massive change for Mac users in the future, and as such, Apple is expected to make the transition slowly. We had initially heard that this could come in the form of the revived 12-inch MacBook.

More Evidence That An iMac Refresh Will Be Revealed At WWDC 2020
Looking to pick up a new iMac? If you are, then you might want to hold off for a couple of weeks. This is because according to recent rumors, Apple is expected to unveil a refreshed iMac at WWDC 2020, where it has also been rumored that it could be undergoing a redesign with inspiration drawn from the iPad Pro.

iMacs Are Running Low On Stock Ahead Of Potential Refresh
According to a recent rumor, it was suggested that Apple could be unveiling a long-overdue iMac refresh at WWDC 2020. What makes this refresh particularly exciting is that it could be when Apple finally introduces a brand new design to the iMac where apparently, it could be borrowing the design language of the iPad Pro.

Redesigned iMacs Inspired By The iPad Pro Expected At WWDC 2020
Apple’s iMac was last updated more than a year ago, which means that it is most definitely due for an update. In fact, we have heard the rumors that suggested that Apple could actually be planning to introduce a new design for the iMac this year, and now it looks like we could be seeing that design much sooner than expected.

Apple To Announce Their First ARM Mac Chipsets At WWDC 2020
For a while it has been rumored that Apple could make the switch from using Intel chipsets in its computers to an ARM-based one. After all, Apple’s ARM chipsets appear to be performing rather well on benchmarks, with some benchmarks even showing that it can outperform that of x86 chips.

Apple’s Online-Only WWDC 2020 Event Will Be Held June 22
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have chosen to postpone or outright cancel their events. For example, Google I/O 2020 has been cancelled, but as far as Apple is concerned, back in March, the company announced that they would instead be opting for an online-only event.

Apple Could Launch AirPods X And Over-Ear Headphones At WWDC 2020
Recently we have been hearing rumors that Apple could apparently be planning a new variant of the AirPods Pro called the AirPods Pro Lite. Now according to a tweet by Jon Prosser, he claims that the earbuds will actually be known as the AirPods X and that it will apparently be launching at WWDC 2020.

Apple’s WWDC 2020 Will Be Adopting A New Online Format
So it was previously reported that due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Apple could be considering cancelling its annual WWDC event. It turns out that the company has done that, sort of, where instead of hosting a physical event like they always do, they will instead be launching a new online format.

WWDC 2020 Could Be In Trouble As Santa Clara County Asks Apple To Reconsider Hosting It
In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, more events around the world are being cancelled. The latest casualty came in the form of Google I/O 2020 where the company announced that they will no longer be hosting a physical event for it. This has led to some to wonder if Apple’s WWDC 2020 event could also be affected.

Analysts Predict Apple Will Launch SiriOS At WWDC 2020
Apple was the first to the market to launch a digital assistant for our smartphones. However, the feature did not exactly work as advertised at launch, and the fact that it was closed off to developers meant that Siri was extremely limited in its use. This led to competitors such as Amazon and Google to pull ahead of Apple in the digital assistant market.