The Apple Watch, for the most part, is a fully enclosed device save for its speaker grills. This is where water can get into the watch, but Apple has that problem figured out. In case you did not know, the Apple Watch has a “Water Lock” feature that allows users to lock the display of their device so that when they’re swimming, it prevents the water from interfering with the display.

In turn, when users are done with their swim, they can turn off water lock and the watch will actually play a sound where it relies on vibrations of the speakers to eject any residual water. In a new video uploaded by The Slow Mo Guys, it shows how exactly the watch does that in extreme close up and in super slow motion.

The end of result is a rather mesmerizing video, especially when viewed up close. This is because if you were to look at it normally, it just looks like the watch is spitting out tiny droplets of water, but when zoomed in and when slowed down considerably, it is actually a rather marvelous feat of engineering. The video even shows the speaker grills vibrating back and forth to push out the water.

If you have a few minutes to spare, then this is definitely worth taking a look at.

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