Ever since Google acquired Nest, the company has been slowly rebranding some of its products with the Nest brand. For example, we’ve seen the company launch the Nest WiFi which effectively replaces the Google WiFi mesh router system, and we’ve also seen Google rebrand some of their Google Home lineup.

However, there is still one smart speaker left that has yet to be rebranded, and that is the main Google Home speaker which is still being referred to as such, but that could change soon. According to a report from 9to5Google, they have learnt that Google is working on a new Google Home “standard” speaker codenamed “Price” that will most likely be rebranded as a Nest speaker, but whether or not it’ll be known as the Nest Home or something else remains to be seen.

This will be more than just an exercise in rebranding as according to the report, Google will be giving the speakers an upgrade where it will have sound quality between the original Google Home and the Google Home Max. Apart from that, it is expected to continue to operate like the standard Google Home speaker and all of its functionalities.

There is no word on when the speakers will be announced, especially since Google has cancelled plans for I/O 2020, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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