The problem with a lot of home studio setups is that generally speaking, they’re not exactly designed to produce recording studio-like audio quality and clarity. A lot of times, the microphones we use, especially those built into our laptops and webcams, pick up background noise fairly easily.

This means that during conference calls, it can be rather noisy and echoey. However, the good news for those using Google Meet is that it looks like Google is now rolling out its AI-powered noise-cancelling technology. This means that by using AI, Google Meet will attempt to differentiate voices from background noise, and try to cut out unwanted noise as much as possible.

The rollout will be done in stages, so if you’re a G Suite user, you should expect to get it later this month, while everyone else will have to wait. The folks at VentureBeat managed to get access to the feature and as you can see in the video above, it seems that the technology actually performs fairly well, although it does seem to muffle the user’s voice a bit.

That being said, Google is not alone in using technology to try and get rid of unwanted noise without additional hardware. For example, NVIDIA has a plugin designed for its GPUs that can also achieve a similar effect.

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