When Apple announced their new iPad Pro earlier this year, they also announced a new Magic Keyboard accessory. Unlike the Smart Keyboard, the new Magic Keyboard comes with a trackpad and uses scissor switches which will make it feel more like a proper keyboard compared to what was offered from before.


The downside is that for non-iPad Pro users, they could not use this accessory, but that could change in the future. According to a tweet from @L0vetodream, they are claiming that there is a chance that the Magic Keyboard accessory could eventually find its way to non-iPad Pro devices as well.

There is no word on when this will happen, but this might be good news for regular iPad users who are looking for a keyboard accessory to accompany their devices. While there are plenty of third-party keyboards that iPad users can already use, the advantage to the Magic Keyboard is the trackpad that will make the tablet feel more like a laptop and will help boost productivity.

The downside is that Apple’s Magic Keyboard accessory is insanely expensive where it is priced starting at $299. This makes it more expensive than other options that are available in the market today, but for those who prefer using official accessories, then hopefully this will become an option in the future.

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