A report from a couple of weeks ago suggested that Philips could be working on new Hue bulbs that could be brighter than its predecessors. If you’ve always felt that smart lighting solutions like the Hue bulbs were a bit too dim compared to regular bulbs, then you might be interested to learn about the company’s latest offerings.

Starting with a more regular bulb, this bulb will offer a 1,600 lumen output that’s equivalent to a 100W bulb. It features an A21 fitting but unfortunately, it is only available in a white color option, so no RGB if that’s what you were looking for.

Next up, Philips has also introduced an updated version of the Hue Lightstrip Plus. Unlike the previous Lightstrip series, this new model will be Bluetooth enabled. This means that users won’t need to deal with owning a hub, although if you already own the Hue hub, it will be compatible as well. It will also support up to eight extensions.

Last but not least, Philips has given its Hue Bloom table lamp an update and slight redesign. It will be brighter compared to the previous Hue Bloom and offers white light of up to 500 lumens. If these new lighting products are of interest to you, the Hue White A21 bulb will be priced at $20, the Lightstrip Plus at $79.99 with extensions priced at $24.99 each, and the Hue Bloom at $69.99.

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