Neither the Sony PS5 nor Microsoft’s Xbox Series X have been released, but it seems that some analysts are already predicting that Sony will be winning the next-gen console war like they did with the PS4. This is according to Ampere Analysis who predicts that Sony will sell as many as 4.6 million units of the PS5 by the end of 2020, while Microsoft’s Xbox Series X will only manage 3.3 million units in the same period.

They even go one step further by predicting sales for the next four years, where they estimate that Sony’s lead over Microsoft will widen by the end of 2024, where the PS5 would have sold 66 million units versus the Xbox Series X’s 37 million units. Of course, these are just predictions and they might not necessarily come true, so it remains to be seen.

Sony’s PS4 has done very well for itself versus the Xbox One, especially in markets such as Japan where sales were previously reported to be very dismal. Microsoft’s Phil Spencer had claimed in the past that this could be due to the games designed for the Xbox One, where they might not necessarily be titles that appeal to Japanese gamers.

Also, the Xbox One was priced higher at launch compared to the PS4 that could have hindered its adoption. Hopefully Microsoft has learnt from their mistakes and applied themselves accordingly to the Xbox Series X, but we’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, Sony is not expected to compete in price with the PS5, with the company hinting that it could be more expensive than its predecessor.

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