xbox one japanIn Western countries, the Microsoft Xbox One is apparently doing well for itself, but over in Japan it is an entirely different story. According to the latest figures for Japan, it seems that sales of the Xbox One in the country have reached an all time low. The figures are provided by Media Create and it is based on figures from the 8th to the 14th of June.

Assuming the numbers are correct, Microsoft has only sold 100 Xbox One units during that week. How big is 100 units on a grander scale? Apparently it only accounts for 0.1% of total console sales for the entire country. In fact Nintendo’s Wii U which is widely considered to be something of a flop overseas overwhelmed Microsoft with 24.5% of sales.

Combine that with the Nintendo 3DS LL consoles and Nintendo has more than 50% of the market share in Japan for that particular week. Now a week’s sales might seem to be too small of a pool to gather data from, but it corroborates earlier reports. Last year when the console launched in Japan, the first week was already disappointing.

Subsequent sales continued to be terrible which was something Microsoft acknowledged and vowed to try harder, but so far it seems that whatever efforts they have made do not have much of an effect. It probably does not help that the recently announced Final Fantasy VII appears to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive for now.

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