Several years ago, Facebook rolled out a new reaction feature for users to interact with posts. With these reactions, instead of merely liking a post, users could choose from a handful of different emojis to better allow them to express how they feel about a post without actually having to comment on it.

Now it looks like Twitter is interested in introducing something similar to its platform. This was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong who has been known to dig deep into apps and various services to discover potentially new features. Right now, it seems that for the most part, this is still a feature in testing.

This means that we have no way of knowing for sure if this is something Twitter will roll out to the masses in the future, but it wouldn’t be a complete stretch of the imagination. This is because prior to this discovery, it should be noted that Twitter has a similar feature for Direct Messages, but when it comes to liking tweets, users only have the “heart” option that they can use.

This will no doubt change the way that people will use Twitter because “likes” are too general where presumably the heart would suggest that a person likes a tweet, even though they might simply be acknowledging it. By giving users more options to express their feelings, posters might have a better idea of what they’re posting and how their followers are audiences are reacting to it.

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